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Internet Of Things Predictions

Internet Of Things Predictions

hello I’m Sunita Shroff and welcome to the first episode of predictions by innovate UK today we’re going to look at the inside of your home and how it might look a couple of decades from now most of the developments

we’ll look at will depend on the Internet of Things where devices are capable of sharing information with each other the Internet of Things is already happening it’s possible to control your thermostat or home lighting using your phone and a voice command can have you booking a doctor’s appointment

so what’s next in our ever-changing relationship with technology while I’m here with Johnny boon from innovate UK to help answer this question well domestic technology will become increasingly intuitive

you could say intelligent homes will learn about our habits and patterns analyze the rhythms of our lives and be able to read our facial expressions and body language walls and surfaces will become interactive touch screens

so we can seamlessly engage with the world without needing a dedicated computer or device I mean I find that all rather amazing to be honest tell me about a normal day in 2036 imagine your bedroom waking up and just

the right time in the right way for you your wardrobe will cross-reference the weather forecasts and latest travel information and present you with a suitable outfit to wear and journey to take in the bathroom sensors measure your blood pressure heart rate and

scan your retina to check your health and sending your concerning results to your GP when you get home your kitchen will tell you which food items are about to go off and suggest recipes to avoid wasting them if you were running low this morning your fridge will have plates in order to reflect your stock for you to collect the most convenient place on your way home the Hobbs interactive surface will guide you through your recipes as you cook if you’re hosting a party it will sync with the other guest list and attack quantities as people confirm or cancel

now how do you think people who react having their lives managed like this obviously information protection will also evolve but think about this people are living longer and problems with mobility and memory are only going to soon mirrors and

walls can become screens through which to speak to our doctors our homes can give people prompts to look after themselves monitor vital signs and alert emergency services if necessary this will give vulnerable people unprecedented independence and

comfort and relieve pressure on families and carers now if you want more information check out the website innovate UK and of course do stay tuned because we’ll bring you more videos soon

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