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Internet of Things Device Management

Internet of Things Device Management

Do you know there will be around 50 million connected devices by 2020 as the IOT industry matures over 88% of companies see device management as an area of concern as it poses a threat to growth unless it is addressed device management is seen as a competitive advantage by businesses to meet end-users expectations on service reliability remote device management not only improves asset utilization but also employee productivity it also enables product companies to achieve scale rapidly and

manage their operational costs in a better manner device lifecycle and IOT initiates from device onboarding device registration and authentication device configuration in control device monitoring and diagnostics device software updates maintenance and device off-boarding II info chips has developed a comprehensive device management platform that can be used to build industry specific IOT solutions which can be deployed on-premise or on cloud accelerating your go-to-market you can easily provision manage monitor and

update the device remotely and thus maximize device uptime and improve service reliability you can enroll your device into the system through the act of provisioning device management service who will find and securely establish device identity and register your device the whole process can also be automated through a rural engine and by the act of self provisioning you can remotely set the device to a known good state recover from errors decommission a device and

implement industry specific configuration changes you can also write an adapter to send receive and convert data for business specific use cases the platform enables real-time device monitoring with device Diagnostics device health or heartbeat status checks and issue troubleshooting the platform encourages root cause analysis and

ability to throw alarms alerts in case of emergency a dashboard provides status of all devices at a glance this functionality not only helps you to incorporate predictive maintenance but also save costs on field visits Ian faux chips RDM platform provides the ability to update them by software carry out OTA firmware upgrades enhance features and fix bugs api’s can be used to develop custom dashboard to retrieve latest information about devices to take real-time actions and control devices there are several devices in a smart home ecosystem like smart remote smart doorbell thermostat smart alarm smart phone that can be monitored continuously remote device management also helps in improving customer service for example through automated alert and

battery replacement or mobile alert on an open garage door hi truck roll costs can also be saved through remote troubleshooting smart retail stores work with a gamut of devices on the retail floor like barcode scanner vending machine surveillance camera smart card smart shelf payment and POS devices date from these devices that can be used by operations and supply chain for effective management automated provisioning and service activation of payment devices can be carried out remotely to ensure machines are ready for transaction also smart vending machines can be monitored continuously to optimize inventory management and

troubleshoot any issues remotely to save operational costs industrial automation companies operate with large infrastructure of connected devices under constrained bandwidth continuous device connectivity is of prime importance to them diagnostics and 24/7 monitoring from vision sensors photoelectric sensors vibration and temperature sensors increases overall equipment effectiveness by minimizing downtime and improving supply chain efficiency continuous monitoring helps in checking health of the devices deployed at remote locations where human intervention is limited he info chips has experience in remote device management across various industries like home automation retail security and surveillance telematics and

medical devices ian faux chips has worked with a leading player in home automation monitoring 30 million devices in the field through he inferred chips RDM solution the client was able to provision the devices based on a rule engine client was able to carry out remote OTA firmware and software upgrades in seconds integration with third-party devices was also enabled using adapters the solution helped in resolving on an average 30% calls remotely and saving more than $200,000 yearly on field visits Ian faux chefs worked with a leading retail giant managing more than 100,000 devices like temperature sensors handheld devices door sensors smart shelf IP cameras remotely across 650 stores nationwide en fo chips RDM solution enabled automatic device registration provisioning and remote OTA firmware and software updates remote troubleshooting with automated alerts was also provided to be info chips RDM solution helped in saving more than four hundred and fifty thousand dollars yearly across six hundred and fifty stores through remote upgrades and

maintenance we also enabled reduction in upgrade related device downtime from 24 hours to 10 minutes employee productivity went up by fifteen percent through decrease in customer response time on the floor surface effectiveness went up by 20 percent through automated alerts from server to shop employees you too can achieve meaningful results through the info chips remote device management platform along with accelerating your go-to-market Connect now with en fo tips to innovate in the IOT industry

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