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Toronto: An IoT-Enabled Smart City In Progress

Toronto: An IoT-Enabled Smart City In Progress

so this initiative is really the start of a foundational step to bring cities into the next generation and as we do that in Toronto we’re talking about millions of sensors we’re talking about utilizing the data that’s collected through artificial intelligence, machine learning through utilizing cloud platforms and then implement them across the infrastructure of the resides in this amazing city.

what does the future look like how are we going to get there

Toronto’s a great place to live in you know we’re always near the highest ranks terms of livability. it’s a rapidly growing city we have a hundred thousand new residents coming to Toronto every year so that poses a massive challenge in terms of infrastructure how do we service all of the needs of those citizens so there’s a real opportunity to take that infrastructure make it smarter make it more accessible and I think that’s why this program is exciting and we’re happy to be involved

smart cities are about making each individual part of this city smarter through sensors infrastructure and AI then connecting them all together through the cloud to operate seamlessly together

once we do that we can solve problems before they start which is really the end goal here

there really is no end to what could be enabled with a smart city it’s all connected together to operate as one cohesive unit aimed at improving the lives of the citizens of the city

so you put sensors in your traffic lights it’s help to optimize route times and decrease congestion at given hours route optimization for your trucks for waste disposal for water you can use sensors to measure water quality and flow all these different technologies taken together make for a better experience for you as citizen and make the city government better able to accomplish their goals

uplift is an urban pilot program that was developed by urban living futures. there are three major elements to those programs there are the cities and the companies within those cities that have challenges or aspirations around technology that innovators can help them to address

I think the introduction of IOT it really is around trying to create an environment where not only our occupants our tenants our residents to have an experience that is far easier and far more meaningful in ways that I think we can’t really even envision today

we want to bring together cities innovators citizens of the community and our unified Microsoft capabilities to enable this broad transformation. no two cities are the same with how they need to transform so our approach is to establish a framework and a toolbox for that city to help them get started

for the citizens of Toronto they shouldn’t be excited about the changes that they will see but the changes that they won’t see they won’t see trash on the ground congestion small issues with population growth. those are the things that I ot is really great at solving and smart cities is the answer to

I think we all should be excited about an initiative like uplift will bring to any community. you can possibly sit and wait or you can be an early adopter and I think for the City of Toronto the fact that they’re taking this initiative and looking to partners like Fah drill to help them achieve that is gonna put us on a far better path

so we’re really looking at Serrano as a frontier city for this because of the innovation the complexity of the city the boom that they have here it’s really a great beacon to show what’s possible for the rest of the world


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