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Smart City Demo – a glimpse into the future of IoT

Smart City Demo – a glimpse into the future of IoT

Smart cities are on their way to become a reality as everything is getting more empowered with software technology much broader opportunities arise to make our lives even more comfortable and enjoyable today we would like to introduce you to car smart city a glimpse into tomorrow where usual things perform better through close collaboration with each other we start with a smart car concept in our demo gates a regular car is enhanced with the stm32 leaf metal mini board which is running a specifically written complication

as soon as the car pulls out onto the road it starts reading our feet tags placed under the road surface which serve as a replacement for GPS in our demo formal entering purposes the car flashes is a headlights while passing over another feed tag using the our feed tags the car reports its location data to the smart city transfer authority application that controls the road infrastructure this data then can be used for a variety of purposes for example the smart sweet lights are requested to switch on

when a car appears in the immediate vicinity adjust their brightness to be sufficient for the current hour and traffic volume and switch off entirely if there are no cars around the street lights are powered by OCONUS EC 19 d module some are feed tags serve as Gail fences after crossing one the car notifies the smart house that it’s very close to home instantly the climate control system switches on to adjust the temperature as required before the owner walks in after the car was parked the smart house turns on the lights and other household appliances

next to the house we have a small garden with a smart irrigation system remotely controlled through a mobile application you can trigger the watering process for the required period as well as keep track of the amount of water both consumed and left in the same the solution of this kind can be applied in many ways from smart pots to garden irrigation and smart greenhouses as the car is pulling away from the house the lights are turned off and the climate control system goes into the energy-saving mode we are back on the road where the traffic lights from see notifications about the car approaching the intersection

in this case we assume the car to be in an emergency vehicle the traffic light instantly turns green to ensure safe road or the vehicle at the intersection the traffic lights are powered by OCONUS EC 19 D in our demo at the intersection we have a smart LED board powered by Raspberry Pi module which is programmed to display Twitter messages with a particular hashtag or mention

with our application we can specify which types of messages to display at what speed and how often in a similar way advertisements can be configured to target specific consumer groups in the right place and at the right time as we move on down the street we go by a solar power station which supplies our city with electricity it is comprised of the set of solar panels and a dashboard application that allows us monitoring the amount of generated and distributed energy every new solar panel plugged into the station can be monitored separating from the rest and the core of the smart energy concept

our Intel Edison board and another car application thank you for your attention if you would like to build your own application without spending time on the backend heavy lifting please follow the link to get car in the download section on our website in case you want to reach the car engineering team please visit our Google Form page and we will come back to you shortly also please subscribe to our Twitter Linkedin and YouTube channel for more cool updates all the links are also provided in the video description thank you and take care you

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