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Example of iot app in Shopping 

Example of iot app in Shopping 

our retailer is able to track consumer behavior by sensors embedded in products through RFID technology

in-store Bluetooth beacons track our customer and her smartphone to provide contextual information as she moves throughout the store

the information collected during our shoppers visit along with historical data can be analyzed in real time allowing the retailer to send push notifications of personalized promotions and greetings

the mobile app provides our shopper with the ability to check store inventory herself she’s able to see other available sizes and colors and explore sites like Amazon for the lowest price offered which allows our retailer to price-match

while browsing the store our endless and cap concept alerted our shopper that she was near an item that was often purchased along with the shirt she’s holding

she browses suggested items not seen in store and the endless end cap virtually extends our retailers aisle

because our shopper is connected to the store the store associate has insight into historical purchases and average spending limits creating a tailored customer service experience

the virtual closet connects back to the retailer’s inventory system so shoppers are able to virtually try on clothes that aren’t actually seen in store

NFC equipped devices allow shoppers to quickly and securely pay for merchandise

so what can you imagine with IOT

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