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IoT in Real Estate and Property Management

IoT in Real Estate and Property Management

last ten years been extraordinary in the amount of technology that’s changed and the way we consume it when we think about the classic examples the iPhone didn’t exist not even seven years ago so today we’re living in existence where we’re continuously looking for more information to satisfy our curiosity or almost looking for more information to satisfy our habits it’s extraordinary

what is now available even the latest technology of tools like periscope where you have live streaming dynamically from anyone else anywhere in the world just what they happen to be doing at that particular moment streamed and broadcast to hundreds and thousands of people it’s amazing the amount of information

we will be able to consume in the future will increase but what we’re now able to do is to more closely fine-tune the information that we receive and

I think that will make us more productive in what we’re trying to achieve in the world of property management the one of the greatest challenges is the property manager is the the center of the process and they quite inquiries coming from tenants and information getting out to landlords and information and choir is coming from trades people and all of the other entities that are involved the property manager is the central point so I think what tenets what technology can do

and to make a huge different difference is automate a lot of the communication that is pushed out based on certain things happening as well as enabling different parties to interact more closely themselves while the property manager is watching so a couple of years ago

I was at salesforce.com annual conference and it was all about the Internet of Things and that is really placing technology into machinery so that it can come Kait back to humans on a regular basis but it’s not only machines talking to back and communicating with humans it’s machines talking to machines and and all of the benefits that that can bring across productivity and being proactive

and managing everything far more efficiently so when you think about property management it actually is extremely exciting if a whole lot of these things were all connected together

and the property manager had a dashboard to say okay well this fire alarm is going to be running out of batteries in the next three weeks let’s go and service that you could just have a far greater understanding of what’s going on within a property energy consumption is another big one and a property managers value will evolve to be far different than what it is today

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