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IOT Applications Gas Leak Monitor

IOT Applications Gas Leak Monitor

let’s build a smarter gas leak management system I’ll navigate to the gas leak monitor IOT application where I can find material resources and a guide to help me generate code I already have my AWS account and I’ve identified my AWS keys with information from this gift

I’ll save a quick snapshot of my AWS keys so that I can use them with other coreos in the library. now I’m ready to set my choreo inputs. to do so I’ll need to create an S qsq which will hold messages instructing our valve on whether to close or open

I’ll limit the retention time so that we don’t read older messages mistakenly. I can find my account ID was help from this gift

I’ll populate the inputs for the message and save the inputs for the sqs received message choreo

next I’ll create an SNS topic to send an alert when a gas leak is detected. I’ll create an SNS subscription using our building managers email address as the end point. I’ll copy and paste my topic iron and plug-in and safe the inputs for the SNS publish Koryo

now I’m ready to choose my board I’ll choose the TI CC 3200 but you can choose the board that’s right for your application. here I can find diagrams that tell me how to connect my sensor solenoid and an external power source

and we’re ready to download the code that has everything we need to run the application

if we look at the code we can see where our pins are set where our threshold can be modified and where our choreo calls are triggered.

our Texas Instruments CC 3200 board is connected to this electric solenoid valve along with a combustible gas sensor to detect any gas leaks

I’m going to turn on this air pump to show that air is flowing through the pipes and then I’ll trigger our gas sensor using this carbon monoxide test gas

once I receive an alert to let me know about the gas leak I’ll use my iOS app to remotely control the gas valve and stop any gas flow

there you have it a smarter way to manage gas leaks in minutes find out how to generate code for this IOT application and many more at the link on your screen

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