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Addressing the energy challenge of IoT

Addressing the energy challenge of IoT to unleash billions of devices

How do you think about thermal management go home we have a demo for temperature monitoring and I will show you because I know you are fond of a lack of energy harvesting you know that yes my readers view as well and my audience does as well so let’s start from the top then what we have here

so we start with the first demonstration of a web platform with really mesh implementation you know everybody is talking about mesh today a lot of people are making demonstration so we do one differentiator is that we have a ultra low power technology so we implement low power nodes and friends so that’s the life of mesh friends and nodes so we have here a set up of different groups of activity we have the group controlled by light like I show here yes we have the group controlled by buttons like this one

so on and off we make the rotation we have also cost goods that are also capable to put the light on and change the rotation direction of the other one so now with Bluetooth you can really extend the capabilities of your network extends the range and still gets the best of ultra-low power with the low power friendly notes well I think it’s an important thing to bring out to the audience that it’s not a lot of people when they think of low-power Bluetooth and

all they’re thinking of data they’re thinking of information being sent but the can also send commands you can control devices with this technology yes you can send enough commands you can also send deeming commands you can do a lot of things on lighting motor control shutter blades anything about smart building smart city that’s a cool thing for Bluetooth mesh very nice

so now we’ve come to the second demo and once you start talking about wireless of course you have to deal with edge computing right yes edge computing allows you to monitor data from local sources and the tech decision so here we have an implementation with audio so what we do here we can talk to the demo board say hello blue genie the door is closed as the door is open as shown here and we can tell it closed garage

so this the little motor was spinning and now the door is closed very nice very known heed from Internet just look a loop very nuts edge that’s the edge see wait a second I see this now what is this here we’ve got this little button on top of the helmets it’s a helmet for web security there is an accelerometer in it temperature sensor and if the helmet falls down it sends a trigger to the network

so that the worker manager can say whether or not his worker is safe or not that’s an implementation of ultra-low power Bluetooth with sensors for the security in industry 4.0 and it’s done in partnership with IBM very nice well I mean that’s health that safety that’s liability control there’s a lot of things involved yes IOT allows a lot of things in values fields today very nice

now another battery free of energy harvesting you know I love energy harvest I know you’re a fan of that and that’s why we put some focus here we have two themes one is switching energy harvesting to switch on and off the light oh yeah let’s pick this up a little bit so we can see the axis a bit and switch on and off well you can you operate it you see yeah we can also have a vesting with solar and that’s the next demos till with Bluetooth and

our SL 10 device so if you take this little demo here you can switch on the light we have it with solar panel and if you look at the solar measurement you see on the – on the cellular phone that we have the monitoring of the temperature made on continuous way and if I uncover those those really here they appear immediately because energy is coming to them what you see that is this bulb is moving up and down on and off it is a Swedish bulb and

it is also controlled by an energy harvester put together with our Orion device and cs30 six510cbs last demo I wanted to show you I know also you like image sensors yes

so here we have an industrial application made by another German manufacturer well known using our global sense of global shutoff sensor Python 480 that is capable to take up to 200 frame per second and with that you can snapshot a moving object and in industry 4.0 you can detect what is a barcode and we did and inform the cloud that is an object that is passing by that’s what we wanted to show you today multiple platform multi-person saw multiple connectivity technology and

energy harvesting yes and all integrated beautifully all integrated we have making sensors we are making actuators we are making connected connectivity and it’s all in one pack shot for on semi inside on semiconductor very cool I really appreciate you taking the time it was my pleasure and look forward to see you Alex thank you Bruno you take care now my friend thank you

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