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Smart Building Management with Amazon AWS

Smart Building Management with Amazon AWS

Today we’re going to build IOT systems using Amazon Web Services api’s.

in this application we’ll use Timboo in Amazon AWS to monitor and log building conditions for resource management and safety and to notify building manager when conditions aren’t ideal. we’ll also make it possible for the building manager to remotely control conditions

gas leak explosions accounted for over a hundred fatalities and over eight hundred million dollars in property damage from 2002 to 2012

the average New York City gas line is over 56 years old at a replacement cost of 228 million dollars per mile it’s unlikely that most of these will be replaced anytime soon

however systems in place to monitor potential leaks can provide early warnings of danger and prevent major disasters. we’ve replaced a manual gas valve with an electric solenoid valve that can be remotely opened and closed from an iOS app

with this electrochemical sensor to text a carbon monoxide leak our Texas Instruments CC 3200 board will send an Amazon SNS notification to the building manager, the building manager can then remotely close the gas line from the iOS app using an Amazon s qsq that is read by the board

we’re also going to outfit this extinguisher with an ir distance sensor when an obstruction is detected the building manager will receive a notification via amazon SNS .Let’s see how it all works.

I’m on the timber website where i can find correos and instructions for the SNS and SQS methods I’d like to use I’ll click on the AWS console link which directs me to my AWS dashboard. you can see that we’ve created an S q SQ called gas valve will use SQS to tell ur gas valve when to open and close

we’ll use the gas line Q the temporarily log our SNS alerts by connecting this SQS Arne as an end point for our SMS notification

let’s now navigate to the Amazon SNS dashboard under services first we’ll create a topic we can also do this programmatically through Tim boo since we’re only doing this once we’ll create the topic through the Amazon dashboard. under Create subscription add the SQ s a RN as one endpoint to temporarily log each time a gas leak is detected will create another subscription with an email address for our building manager as the end point

then we’ll confirm the subscription. now we’ll generate the code for our gas leak detector. navigate to amazon SNS publish. make sure that i OT mode is turned on. we’ll set a conditional that says if the sensor value is greater than 0 run the query oh we can calibrate our conditional to our sensor once we read the sensor values into our code I already have my credentials saved in a profile now our credentials populate the inputs add gas leak detected for the message for the topic iron will use the address supplied by Amazon

this part of our code will send an email alert when a gas leak is detected. the building manager can then open up an app that sends an SQS message to a gas valve status Q specifying that the valve should be closed

to create the iOS app will turn iot mode off select the profile with our AWS credentials and add closed for the message and gas valve for the name of the queue that our board will be retrieving messages from

i’ll copy this code and paste it into x code and create a simple interface finally I’ll generate code for my CC 3200 to receive messages from the gas valve q I’ll navigate to the SQ s received message correo turn iot mode back on and select my AWS profile

we’re going to receive messages in the gas valve q and if that message contains the word close will want the board to turn pin 17 low closing the valve. I’ll paste that code into my sketch and run the receive correo when the gas leak is detected to listen to instruction from the building manager

we have another board connected to our fire extinguisher using the same approach as before we’ll have notifications sent to the building manager when an obstruction is identified

we’ve uploaded our code to the board and our solenoid valve is currently open so I’ll scrape just enough test carbon monoxide gas to reach the threshold of our sensor when the sensor value hits the threshold I should receive the notification

there it is the email alert from Amazon SNS has come through so open our iOS app to close the gas valve

and now the gas valve is closed our fire extinguisher will detect anything within about 10 inches so I will just place my toolbox right about here and we should receive another notification message received that’s all there is to it there are countless other ways that you could use Tim boo and AWS ap is to develop smart building applications or really any application go to tempo com to learn more or email us at pay at timber calm

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