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IOT Applications Smart Trash Cans

IOT Applications Smart Trash Cans

let’s make smarter trash cans

I’ll navigate to the smart trash cans IOT application where I can find material resources along with a guide to help me generate code

I already have a Google account and I’ve created a calendar to hold the bin status of my trash can

to obtain my API credentials I’ll create a new project in my Google developers console. I’ll enable the calendar API so that our board can post events to the calendar. I’ll generate my client ID using instructions from this gift and obtain a refresh token by launching this authorization URL

now I can save those keys so that they can be used in any of tempis Google Calendar coreos. I already have a Zendesk account so I’ll save those credentials here. so that they can be used with any of tembu Zendesk tickets coreos.

now I’m ready to set my inputs. I’ll find my calendar ID with instructions from this gift. and then I’ll set the inputs so that our board can create an event when trashcan is empty. Zendesk tickets will be triggered when our trashcan fills to certain thresholds

now I’m ready to specify my board I’ll choose the Samsung Arctic ten here I’ll find diagrams to help me connect my Hardware. and now I’m ready to download the code if we look at the code we can see where our input pin set and where conditions holding our thresholds are used to trigger Koryo calls

let’s put it together and see it in action. our Samsung Arctic is connected to a trash can and we have an IR distance sensor which will sense the fill level

let’s try it out here’s the Zendesk ticket I’m taking the trash and the calendar event has been created by the can smart trash cans in minutes check the link on your screen to generate code for this IOT application and many more

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