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Benefits of Smart Buildings and IoT

Benefits of Smart Buildings and IoT

a smart building knows how many office desks are being used how many conference rooms are booked how often the rest rooms need to be cleaned and it knows how many employees are on-site each day valuable information for the chef preparing lunch by that we can reduce our waste and by that we can also reduce our costs regarding the waste of them and the production of the of the food so

so far this is giving us a huge potential on how we can do that in the future today we are delivering about 100,000 meals each day and if we are going to have some percentage reduction of that food waste that’s a huge number of Pinos reducing waste was one of the key objectives for ISS when the facility services company approached Eriksson and Sigma they wanted a smarter more efficient way of working the norwegian headquarters became the test site for an IOT facility management solution using sensors the data that ISS needs to analyze in this case or for the soft services within facility management services and that could be like a desk occupancy space optimization food process cooling etc

but most of all is for waste management regarding food and that we do with football detection and computation Ericsson application platform for IOT allows different sectors from facility services to healthcare even construction and transport to connect over a global sensor network once installed

it’s very easy to register devices and get up and running the platform then performs analytics on data streams in real-time the main benefits are that it frees up resources for clients to focus more on higher values such as analytics and it also gives a great opportunity to go into the digitization of products and services we have seen that this solution and this hardware and the software is now on a platform

that is very mature so we can start this in Norway with less effort so we can have a quick time-to-market so we have the solution up and running in a very short time for ISS this project is about empowering its people and giving them valuable data so they know when services are really needed at their customers rather than just following a schedule I think that we will use this kind of information and it’s tool on each contract and give the ability for our employees to help them making this decisions in the future

so that our clients will see us as a very not be normative and forward-thinking supplier or facility services what I like with what ISS has done is that they have actually started so instead of planning and doing studies they’ve actually started and implemented an IOT solution and from that they will learn and adopt and come up with completely new things so that’s a piece of advice to other organizations looking at digitization spirits start small think big start small and get going you you

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