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The Birth of HealthIT Through IoT

The Future of Healthcare – The Birth of HealthIT Through IoT, Wearables and Emerging Technologies

Women’s College Hospital is a new concept in healthcare we actually have no beds in this hospital the majority of operative cases in North America are done as a preferred cases we’re actually pretty good at getting patients out of hospital in in one day challenging part is that we

we don’t really know much about what that patient experiences at home during that first 30 days when John approached Rodgers with the concept we got really excited about the opportunity to work with him in the healthcare space smartphone and

tablets with the obvious solution everybody has one it’s a very simple thing to use and we found that even elderly patients picked it up very quickly Roger sees an opportunity to be working with the healthcare industry to be building connected solutions that will help them meet their primary objectives of their quality of patient care and improved efficiencies patients were given a smartphone or a tablet they answer questions once a day and

we also ask them to take a picture of the surgical site on a daily basis as well that information became available for viewing on a tablet or smartphone by the surgeon in a dashboard layout patients feel much more comfortable at home but they’re still connected to their care providers and by being connected to their care providers their anxiety goes down we also can pick up complications before they start and

we can actually reduce the number of visits that they have to take back to them our vision of this connected healthcare allows for a greater freedom for patients and for care providers it also provides for a greater network of support for these patients as well we’re in the early days of seeing the benefits of these advanced connected solutions and their impact on patient care and the overall healthcare system we’re actually very excited about Jeff connected healthcare you

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