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IoT & Cloud in Healthcare

IoT & Cloud in Healthcare

hello everyone my name is puja conovan I’m in fifth grade in the title of my project is Internet of Things in healthcare in this project I built a remote health monitoring and alert system using entire dicent technology combined with sensors using this technology you can measure a patient’s vital signs data like their blood pressure blood glucose body temperature and

heart rate for this project I chose to measure heart rate my system will measure a patient’s heart rate data in their home environment ensure that data to the cloud for further analysis by health care providers remotely if the patient’s heart rate goes above the threshold level that I set in the code then my buzzer will be and it will also send a text alert to medical personnel with the URL link to the patient’s data the doctor can then review that data by clicking on the URL link and will advise the patient accordingly

so as you can see over here this is a diagram of the architecture of my system this is a flow chart of my code so right now I would like to demonstrate my system so I’m going to plug in the two hydro USB cables that connect my intro Edison to my computer so I’m going to open an application that I installed called putty so this is what basically configures the Wi-Fi for my entire lesson ship and open my own window program

so that is the flow chart of my code as I told you my code is written in C++ that is the language and it was written in the arduino ide which is an open source place for you to write code so right now i’m going to open up my sketch which is Arduino heartrate to think speed I’m going to go ahead and upload that by Edison so what’s happening right now is that the program is getting uploaded to my intro Edison using these two micro USB cables so it takes a little bit for it to completely upload

now it just says that it’s done uploading I’m just gonna go ahead and open the serial monitor for my Arduino IDE that will come in handy a little bit so as you can see the LCD displays the words insert finger and this is basically the patient’s cue for them to insert their finger or earlobe into the ear clip sensor

so I can demonstrate for you today I’m going to clip it onto my earlobe immediately once I clip it on to my earlobe you can see the LED on my body drinks and so will start to blink and that is according to my heart rate you might be thinking why is it the heart rate displayed on the LCD yet well that’s because my program is designed to count the beats per minute and it takes exactly 60 seconds for it to display it on the LCD screen so right over here this is the serial monitor that I told you about this basically displays whatever displays on the LCD so right now I’m going to open things speak this is where all of my data gets stored

so this is the big chart that all of the data taken from by monitoring system gets stored so if you zoom it over here my LCD displays by heart rate which is 75 and over here let’s check serial monitor it also displays 75 and the words writing to things being so now you can say that it’s you can see that it’s writing two things week so let me show you how the text alert looks like and as you can see over here my buzzer just beeped up by monitoring system so this is what just beeped

so over here I’m going to show you how the text alert looks like this is what just got set because my heart rate went above the threshold level so for demonstration purposes I set the threshold level to very low like 70 so I could demonstrate my project for you so this is what the doctor will get to see

so they could go ahead and click on the link to the patient’s data and this as you can see is exactly what shows up in what the patient sees so the doctor will see exactly what the patient sees it will see the doctor can see all the patient’s data stored in the cloud so over here these are graphs of my data so to test out by monitoring system I used my me as a volunteer basically I measured by heart rate usage by body drug system over several days for approximately one hour and I calculated by average minimum and maximum heart rate

so the main variable that I use in my project was the threshold value so like I told you for demo purposes I set it to 70 but when I was actually testing out my project I set the threshold value to div’ beats per minute so as you can see here in the results table for trial one I set the threshold value as Maggie beats per minute it worked as it was supposed to and for trial two I tried a different threshold value 95 for trial three I set the threshold value to a hundred beats per minute and it worked accordingly it beeped the buzzer beeps and it also sent a text alert use a Twilio to the mobile phone

so in conclusion technologies such as IOT can be used to create low-cost systems like mine that gather patients vital signs data in their home environment and store that data to the club for further analysis but health care provider humanely my system helped reduce costs for many patients by reducing the need for frequent hospital admissions my system can be further enhanced by adding more sensors like a blood pressure sensor a blood glucose sensor and a temperature sensor thank you for listening you

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