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Aruba: The Rise of IoT in Healthcare

Aruba: The Rise of IoT in Healthcare

The rise of the Internet of Things has potentially lifesaving applications within the healthcare industry by collecting data from bedside devices, viewing patient information and diagnosing in real-time the entire system of patient care could be improved

not to mention the patient’s experience by 20 90 87 percent of all healthcare organizations will have implemented IOT technology, and today many healthcare devices operate in silos. over a third of healthcare organizations don’t apply data from connected devices to other business processes.

an issue that creates inefficiency. potential for data loss and mistakes in diagnosis. effective health care depends on speed and accuracy and we have seen a huge range of devices becoming connected as IOT takes hold

over 50% of devices on healthcare networks in the next two years will be IOT devices

like those you see here from handheld devices to health records to medical equipment the industry is embracing the world of connected things

with a common language and a single platform for these devices to operate the potential for IOT is limitless

for caregivers the ability to easily monitor and manage patient health can save precious minutes every day

without having to manually visit each patient the expert can give a remote diagnosis and track medical assets. providing quality care more quickly and managing the health care environment more efficiently

using sensors and Wi-Fi the ability to locate the right Department in a hospital while retrieving essential information becomes straightforward for both caregivers and patients

nearly 3/4 of healthcare leaders who have adopted IOT believe its key benefit will be to monitor and control medical devices and sensors. from patient heart monitors to temperature gauges this real-time data already exists in healthcare and now it can be used to create a safer and more effective environment

through a single application on a mobile device patients and staff can securely manage IOT data. IOT means an easier and more efficient patient care experience, allowing staff to do their jobs better which is why 76% of healthcare leaders predict it’s going to transform their industry.

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